This One-Of-A-Kind Stained Glass Window of The Wizard of OZ was made by Robert H. Goldman in 1977.



Line drawings were done by Sam Sanchez (Sam, if you're out there please contact us).



When assembled in its frame the window stands nearly 8 feet tall and 11 feet wide.



The "OZ Window" was first displayed in a Los Angeles Art Gallery in the Fall of 1977.



Later, for a short time, the "OZ Window" was installed and backlit in a board room of a Wilshire Blvd Hi Rise office building.



We are currently looking for ways to display this beautiful and unique work of art, which really needs to be seen in person to take in all of the detail.



We will be entertaining offers for purchase or display.



Equally important as any money that can be made from the sale of this piece, is the opportunity to stimulate viewers imaginations.



People have suggested that the window be displayed in a museum, or an art gallery, or the lobby of a hotel, childrens hospital or office building.



If you are someone who has a plan that would involve the permanent or temporary installation of this piece please contact us.



We can be contacted via email: contact(at)wizardofozwindow(dot)com



Or by phone: Seven Zero Two - Five One Eight - Seven One One Five



On May 19, 2012 We displayed the "OZ Window" for one day at Robert Goldman's Memorial in North Hollywood, CA



We hope to be able to display it again soon!



This page is dedicated to my father. May he Rest In Eternal Peace, Love and Happiness!!

Robert Harrison Goldman

March 19, 1948 - April 13, 2012